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Author Topic: Nippyish note from Rebecca Rockafellar  (Read 60267 times)

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« Reply #400 on: December 16, 2012, 07:24 »

Not really surprising - I guess the only real info from that whole thread was how much big exclusives sales were down.

That info was pretty shocking.

Exactly. More than 'pretty shocking' in fact. It might even be 'unsustainable'. Where have I heard that before?

I was just thinking, with big time exclusives sales dropping, the old royalty system is looking a lot more sustainable now...

If you do the maths, some diamond exclusives income has dropped by 50%   and funnily enough 50% of diamond 40% royalty is 20% - Getty's magic royalty number...

Don't believe they can't predict the Best Match, they're working it to their advantage all the time.


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« Reply #401 on: December 21, 2012, 18:37 »
Or we can just reject it with a nice rejection notice:  ;D

We're sorry, but we found the overall composition of this note lacking sincerity and truthfulness and therefore not suitable as worth reading. With the rapid growth of the dissatisfaction with iStuck, we give valuable consideration to each note but unfortunately cannot accept all silly talk. Please don't take it personally. This isn't necessarily a reflection of your integrity, rather a decision by contributors to determine your message as real.  :o


"We get it, you guys are mad. And reading the forums for the past year has made it clear that some of you think we are lazy, incompetent, greedy or uncaring."

Gawd I love it!

« Reply #402 on: December 21, 2012, 22:01 »
Late to the party but read both of these threads for hours. 

My view:

There is a max exodus of exclusives and it may be accelerating. I dropped Video in June and I can easily say it was a good decision on my end now.

They don't really care about exclusive erosion, they are changing the best match to slowly but surely notching that RC system so that most exclusives get 25% and Independents 15%.

We all know that scrapping the RC system is the only way to get any sort of contributor attitude improvement.  It has been made clear that is not in the cards so its a lost cause. 

The Getty model is 30% or 25% depending on the artist deal for the most part so the iStock 35%, 40% or 45% is a fluke by any measure to the Getty system.  They want to fix that bug and I believe they will do it for good.

The sad part of all of this is that it really doesn't matter what they do in the end, the damage is done and the constant influx of files into the microstock model makes for a bleak future for anyone except those that can build a 40%+ of new files every year.

Impossible in my view.

« Reply #403 on: December 22, 2012, 00:21 »
note that it would be impossible for anyone starting out to get to 40% with the current system.


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