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Author Topic: Not another istock topic aka Response from the bosses  (Read 11499 times)

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« Reply #50 on: September 19, 2010, 11:19 »
I feel bad for the Istock admins.  The ones who have been there for many years and have a relationship with contributors.   They are not the ones making these (terrible) decisions, and I would be willing to bet most of them are as sick about what's happening as we are. 

There are a lot of questions, but I think most of us already know the answers to them. 

1)  Is there any room for negotiation on the royalty %?  No.
2)  Is the Agency collection going to have some lousy pictures in it, and are they going to be bumped ahead of good content from legitimately exclusive contributors?  Yes. 
3) Are Getty collections allowed to enjoy the benefits of exclusivity while being sold all over the internet at other Getty and non-Getty sites?  Yes. 
4) Do the folks at Getty and their bosses at H&F care what contributors think, or how much they've invested in the success of the company?  No. 
5) Do H&F care about the long term financial health of Istock or its contributors? No.

How are they supposed to come on and tell us that?  As bad as it is for Istock's image to have contributors upset and speculating all over the forums, it would be worse to actually tell us what's really going on.  Because what's going on is just plain ugly. 

There is no good news to give us and more bad news or empty corporate double talk isn't going to help matters, so better to remain mum.

As usual, Lisa, you hit the nail on the head.
Although, it's a lot of fun watching the endless "where do we go from here?" posts. Such shock! Such anger! Such helplessness.


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« Reply #51 on: September 19, 2010, 11:19 »
maybe 50? people will give up the crown, thats about 1% and maybe 50? indys will leave. From istock's perspective BFD.

I made a screendump of the minute I read the first announcement on 7 September to get a measure of how it affects contributors behaviour. For future reference (roughly in 20 days, the first exclusives will effectively loose their crown and become independent)

7 September 2010

For reference purposes, this is what the same page looks like today:
17 September 2010

Draw your own conclusions about all the talk (with a few exceptions, of course)

Too bad I didn't take one more often, though. On the positive side, it least it is a single reference.

ETA: Felt I needed to link the source of this info - thanks for correcting me, Averil ;)

If these stats are a couple of weeks behind, then wouldn't the increase in exclusives be due to the rush to exclusive status at the end of August?

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Hmm, can we submit our own designs for sale? That can be a new market niche...


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