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November Statements ready.

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No, I use Chaotica.


--- Quote from: synthetick on December 18, 2023, 16:57 ---No, I use Chaotica.
--- End quote ---
Thanks for the info - I will try that one for sure, looks nice :)

Best month since Dec 2019. It's strange, I seem to have one standout* month a year, and that month changes apparently randomly.
*compared to my other months in the same year.
Still, it's all the lottery of getting one or more high value sales.

Gotta say that I find it extraordinary how low the RPD for videos is compared to images. I was an iStock video exclusive in the good old days (I used to earn a full time wage from it back then), and I understand that things have changed in the industry since then. But even so, I can't believe how undervalued video (especially animation) is on iStock/Getty.

There are 11350 images in my portfolio. Mostly photos of Türkiye. There are only 16 sales and $5 in earnings this month. I earned only 220 dollars in 1.5 years at istock. This is a very low figure compared to Shutterstock.


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