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Title: Resubmit through Deep Meta
Post by: grsphoto on October 30, 2013, 07:47
I have images that were reject on iStock in the past.  Now that they are accepting almost everything, I would like to resubmit.

I use Deepmeta.  Does anyone know a easy way to resubmit the images tagged as rejected?  The FAQ says you can't do it....
Title: Re: Resubmit through Deep Meta
Post by: Gannet77 on October 30, 2013, 08:36
No, you can't do it.  DeepMeta uses an API supplied by iStock, and the resubmit option isn't included in that, AFAIK, even if they allowed you the option.

The only way to resubmit a rejected file - which, BTW, is not something you are supposed to do anyway - would be to re-input it to DeepMeta, copy details from the rejected file and resubmit as a new file.

Whether or not iStock would find that acceptable, given the new relaxed inspection regime, is not clear - I haven't seen anything saying that they would, so you could be taking a bit of a liberty there.  I'm certainly not going to try it.