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Author Topic: No more ugly lightboxes! Thank goodness.  (Read 13457 times)

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« Reply #50 on: February 28, 2015, 15:41 »
So my account has now switched over to the new look.

I can obviously see the attractions to this design. I especially like the huge (yet well water-marked) preview image.

But I hate, hate, hate the loss of descriptions, including the removal of LB and similars links.

And there is no similars carousel, but I guess they said that was coming "soon"?

I guess their internal algorithm didn't find any similars, which isn't at all the same as you not having similars.
I clicked one of my images and had no similars, which is true for that file. I clicked on another and had two similars, though I have more than two that I'd think should be there. remember that 'date' was one of the things they said would generate 'similars', so if someone dripped up a series, which at one time made sense, because of best match switches favouring new or older uploads from time to time, they might not be regarded as 'similar'.

Mine switched in the past hour. Why do I have to switch off that yellow cookies-warning bar with every new file I click in? Other sites you do it once for always (or at least until you do something which removes the preference).

Later: I just did a check in my own port. The time seems to have a huge effect. If I uploaded a series at once, they're all there as thums. If I have several pics of one subject (e.g. a particular species) taken at different times, the thums don't show.

Oh great.  I always upload series in bits over time for the reason you said - that it covers more best match possibilities.  Also, it cuts down on the chance of rejections for similars.

If I ever bother to upload my thousand or so backlog I will  do series all together.  But with possible bankruptcy in the future I am not sure if it's a waste of time to upload more there.


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« Reply #51 on: February 28, 2015, 15:56 »
I can't ask on the forums, but what happens with files that have important file specific information (such as gradient meshes)? Buyers should be made aware of what contains Illustrator-specific features. What happens now that that information is removed?

Tough, unless it's incorporatable into the title. Same with clipping paths.
Same with many other things that are really essential.
For an illustrator, another point made was "I know that that's only a vector issue, but we were able to upload additional alternate files in a zip archive, and without descriptions we won't even be able to tell the customers what they will get when they download an image. Some vector artists included different file types like png or psd, or color variations, or images with the text removed. I think this was useful information for customers, especially for those who don't know much about vector programs, and after the changes all this information will be gone."

Despite many relevant points being made on that forum thread, and several requests for inforation about why they have removed descriptions, no explanation has been forthcoming.


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