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anyone know what's up?

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Thousands of views. No sales.  The site is still fairly new.  Anyone known what's happening?

what do you mean? as you said its a new agency, it would be quite hard to have many sales

IMO they are building a nice collection and the owner is very friendly

What I mean is that I've had thousands of views and zero sales.   Seems a bit odd.

Of course it depends on what a 'view' actually means.  On most sites it means someone clicked on the thumbnail.  I wouldn't expect to get thousands of thumbnail clicks without making a single sale. 

yep, have an agency that I have over 350k views and 0 sales ;D

I have a few thousand views with no sales also.  I suspect those views are coming mainly from other contributors and people on Facebook.  MG is still being promoted primarily to photographers rather than buyers at this point in order to build up the galleries and refine the site before actually 'launching' it.

What I find encouraging are the quality of the work, the communication, the future plans that were recently laid out for contributors, the friendly atmosphere, etc.  So many things that are sorely lacking elsewhere, one place in particular.

MG is in its infancy.  It will take time but I'm confident that the wait will be worth it.


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