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Magrografiks, what is the point today?


When Macrografiks was active I had a full portfolio there.
Now they seem to be closed. But in some way they still are active and regularly send some email - news letter (as Macrografiks | Update).

Clicking on the “Go to Shop” link in the email leads to a page
I cannot login on this page with my old Macrografiks username/password.

I don’t understand if Magrografiks is still using/selling my images, or not.

Good question, they had some of my photos too, for all I know they're selling them on pillows. 

Francisco sent all contributors an email when he closed the site and opened the Etsy store. I believe he asked who was interested in the Etsy thing and said he would delete all other portfolios.

^ Yes, I remember something like that too, but frankly I am not sure.
And I don't find a way to control that. (I ask them and they did not answer)


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