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More 'Exciting News' from Macrografiks


No Free Lunch:
"The New Macrografiks
About two years ago our platform was launched to offer licenses, mainly on macro photography. Soon afterwards we created a section in the website called "Get Inspired", to promote the use of our images on physical products. We realized the nature and quality of the gallery was ideal for home decor products and other uses, that is why we started offering prints with an Etsy shop.
No more licenses

After a long search for different possibilities, we found an excellent partner to provide a wide variety of products worldwide, so we decided to leave behind the licenses and focus on physical products only." :-[

In the footer of Macrografiks I see a column titled 'Extra' with 'Free Photos' and 'On-demand photo' being listed....


* Free Photos
* On-demand photo
Why not add 'Prints' to that section and offer them directly to your hard-earned visitors instead of redirecting them to Etsy's platform?


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