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Analysis of market size


Hey guys, I am trying to evaluate the market size of all micro sites. It is easy to find figures for shutterstock but very hard for others. Can anyone help with links?
I would like to know how many sells are made working one year, let's say 2015. Divided in to pictures and videos.
There is plenty more to ask but did anyone else did a research on this before?

Many thanks for your help

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Little Google search showing us the following details:

"Shutterstock has indicated that the market can grow to $6B by 2017, but thatís an expansion that doesnít fit industry expectations that the market is stagnant or declining (but at the end of the day, it all depends on how you define the market)."

Another report from early 2016 suggests global still image market will exceed USD 4 billion by 2020.


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