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Hi there everyone
Guys, I'm trying to develop a way to know my profits projection based in some data.
I just designed a very short questionnaire that I think will help me (and lately all of us) to try some advanced statistics based on your answers.
You WON'T have to type any kind of personal information. So you can be completely sure your answers will be anonymous.
Would you main to help me and answer the form?
If so, try to do it in the most accurate way, please.

So far, I've posted this in some other FB groups and I already have 20 answers, for this to be worth, I'll need more than 150. A friend of mine told me about this group and here I am, looking for your help.

I really appreciate your time. If you have a further question I'll be willing to answer.

The form is here:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13HpV8SOz99JMbsa2DiKu5sKfoKvtNvtn-nMN33dCZrQ/edit?c=0&w=1 [nofollow]

I wouldn't bother. Sure, it might give you a 'same city as the ballpark' figure, but it's going to be so inaccurate it's not really worth the effort. The results of the survey might indicate you'll make $1000 a month and you might end up making $100 a month. On the other hand, you might make $5000 a month.

I'm game, could make for some interesting discussion. it is a very short survey without any detailed info so no harm.

I disagree that there aren't patterns to this. There have been a articles from third party software providers that identify trends in the way image income consistently deteriorates over time across a portfolio.

The video market is probably too young and evolving for the same kind of analysis though.

While it might be of interest I think it would be more productive to look at your own earnings pattern and delve into that.....too many variables in other peoples experiences to draw much meaning....you can look at SS quarterly figures which give some overall figures and analyse those too.

a) your own data will have much more value than data from random volunteers.
b) You're asking all the wrong questions, so advanced statistics won't help


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