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is microstock analytics still working?


hi everyone,

i bought microstock analytics program 5-6 years ago . i was very happy using it. after i changed my laptop i cannot use it and mail them with contact form and waiting 1 week ?

is program still working ?

It does work, sometimes has bugs but usually get fixed over time. I wish they would expand sites covered though.

It's subscription so you would be back to the free version. Have you tried re-downloading it?

thanks for the answer

yes i tried everything. it looks unlimited still.
finally i contact with Andrey Popov and he is trying to solve  :)

If it can't be fixed, another option is for you to buy an external hard drive and find some cloning software and clone your entire old machine, then boot it up on your new machine via the external hard drive and use your software there. Or you could replace the OS on your new machine with the OS on the old machine.

I use a mac, so the cloning software I use is superduper. No idea what options are available on PC. I clone my own machine every few months just as a backup.

Hi Everyone

I am new here so maybe this is an unintelligent question but can anyone explain what the advantage is using the Microstock Analytics Program in comparison to other Analytic Program Tools?

Thank you and regards


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