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We want to make our Audio product great by creating a better customer experience and meeting the expanding and evolving opportunities in the music licensing industry. iStock Audio is moving to Getty Images Music.

This is a header from a newsletter just received...

This can be a good move. But time will tell. Anyone selling on GI sound express? I have some files there but nothing significant in sales.

Maybe they are moving each piece over to Getty and eliminating Istock altogether.

Well, they are eliminating IS audio as a whole. In the next couple of weeks all customers will be redirected to GI website for purchasing. This is the first step to something... now, what that "something" is I don't know.

Really great news if they keep what they promise. It will mean 8-10 times higher royalties which could finally make it acceptable to upload new material again. I have over 100 tracks that I haven't uploaded to iStock because of the ridiculous royalty rates they switched to a while back. They do sell well though (# of sales, not payouts) and I hope Getty will do the same.

Microstock Man:
Seems like a move that will benefit contributors - I wonder what the catch is?


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