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Istock audo never sells files later than 2011


My sales at istock audio never seem to get beyond 2011, mainly 2009 and 2010. I have a lot more added since so something is very wrong. I have contacted admin who tell me they notice that themselves but don't have any plan to address it.

Anyone else having this issue ?

The best match shifted a bit selling older files but my new files are selling here and there. Not as much as I hoped but, they sell. I've added over 4000 files since September last year and nothing spectacular happened regarding sales. I hope to see some results this year... Wait, you asked and they've told you that they know about that "issue" but there are no plans of dealing with it?

Also, audio at IS is the last media in GI agenda. Bad...

It is abysmal if in the 21st century a site cannot get customers to see files newer than 2011.


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