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Import/Export function


Hi Lee,

a great tool you got there.

I would love to see not only an "import" function, but also an "export (to CSV or similar) function, because I fear that if I add month of data and sometime in the future you decide to close the project (let's not hope it, but to be realistic, stuff like that happens to web 2.0 ideas all the time), all the data will be lost.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

Lee Torrens:
Hey Robert,

We already have this one in the suggestions list: Provide CSV download of stats for backup and other uses.  Vote for it there and it'll rise up the priority list.

We agree that it would put people at ease if they knew they could take a backup of their data and have planned to do this from the start. It may also be handy for use on other services or just for doing advanced stuff in a spreadsheet.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Great Lee,

just voted for it.

Bye, Robert


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