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Istock News:
iStock has partnered with the good people at FedEx/Kinko"s, offering their customers direct access to iStockphoto images in a fast, easy-to-use application.

Now, when people log on to FedEx.com, or sit down at a workstation in any Kinko"s location in North America, they will be able to instantly search and add any iStock image to their document. It"s a great way for people to add imagery to their work, and it will mean a huge new revenue source for iStock artists.

This is the first part of our larger agreement with the people at AAS/Pitney Bowes. We will be announcing other deals with more of their clients as they come up.

Why This Is All Good News
The image search is seamlessly integrated into the customer"s workflow. They pick the image they want and add it to their document. Our partners at Pitney Bowes will then pay the standard download cost for every image used. Which means that FedEx/Kinko"s customers will have the incentive to use a lot of images, and iStock artists will get paid for all of them.

-The customer never receives the original file.
-iStock is paid the regular download price every time an image is used.
-The use of the images is extremely limited. These images will basically be dragged and dropped into a set document template, and because the user never receives the file, we maintain strict control. Our friends at Pitney Bowes will take good care to ensure that the terms of the Content License Agreement are enforced.

sounds like a good thing.

the part "the image search is seamlessly integrated into the cutomers workflow" made me laugh though... i guess i know what they mean and i guess it is correct to say, but perhaps just the fact that istock had the gall to use the words "image search" and "seamless" in one sentace made me laugh, as it seems like their image search is anything but.

Sounds good.
I wonder if this will make istock revise their opinion of what is stock? Pictures that are regarded as stock and presented well for designers will not necessarily work for this type of application.

Can anyone else access the iStock forum thread for this news story?  I was in the middle of reading it and clicked on the page 3 link to continue reading and it suddenly went back to the main forum listing.  I noticed the thread was locked so I figured something controversial was brought up but never got the chance to find out.  I'm wondering if the mods deleted the entire post or if it's just me. 

Looks like they've deleted the original post from the community news area too.  Geez, what was so wrong with it that made the mods delete all traces of it?


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