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Title: Keyword service for photographers
Post by: Danilnevsky on July 27, 2015, 08:57
Hello everyone! Colleagues, I want to discuss with you a theme of matching keywords to your photos.

Personally for me it's still a big problem. And there is a number of reasons:

- I do not know English very well. I can’t choose keywords without help of Google Translator. This naturally affects the quality of the selection of keywords, because the translator often writes synonyms that customers don’t use in searching for images.

- The second reason follows from the first. In order to stay in the trend, and to be competitive you need to not only take photos in “fashionable style”, but also to select the appropriate keywords, in fact, that English as well as other languages are often updated with new expressions.

- I spend an enormous amount of time for selection of correct keywords. This time I could spend on shooting, retouching and improving my skills. Due to the fact that I spend a lot of time on the selection of keywords, I can’t increase the amount of uploaded photos.

The conclusion suggests itself. It is necessary to find a person who is professionally engaged in the selection of keywords. And the more - the better. In the search for those I have spent a lot of time. But still no result

After some time, we had an idea: why not to create a service that will help photographers to not only get rid of the routine, but, certainly, would have a positive impact on sales. After all, commercial success of the portfolio by 50 percent, and may be even more dependents on the well-chosen keywords.

Anyway, in the beginning of October, we will run such a service called «Keyboarding" in testing mode, which will operate on a subscription system. Keywords for photos will be selected by qualified staff.

The first time, we will maintain a small number of authors. Who wants first to know about the beginning of the service can leave a request here: http://kboarding.com/promo/ (http://kboarding.com/promo/)

Thank you) I will be glad to hear your comments.
Title: Re: Keyword service for photographers
Post by: ShadySue on July 27, 2015, 10:51
I think after the incompetent group which iStock chose to review titles and descriptions for their laughable 'SEO tests', people would be very reluctant to do such a thing.
I've often thought of keywording for others myself, I actually enjoy it; but I wouldn't be cheap!
Title: Re: Keyword service for photographers
Post by: Pauws99 on July 29, 2015, 13:14
I know Dreamstime provide such a service no idea if its any good. I would regard it as too risky to outsource such a significant and subjective part of the job. As well as eating into my miniscule "profit"
Title: Re: Keyword service for photographers
Post by: Jo Ann Snover on July 29, 2015, 15:24
I think you should be very specific about the types of images you can realistically keyword.

If the shots are of particular cities or locations, how will you know enough to keyword accurately? Same for plant and bird images, including their location information. Perhaps you were thinking of just studio shots, but even there, what about food shots where it might not always be completely obvious how to describe the meal (local cuisine) or food on the farm shots where you would have to guess at a lot of details.

Keywording isn't a fun task, but for shots other than business handshakes, women eating salad, multi-ethnic smiling business teams and slices of tomato or pepper on white, it's not clear that outsourcing it makes any sense