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lost copyright with affiliates- agefotostock/easyfotostock


Iīve been submitting pics directly to microstock agencies like SS, Adobe and Alamy for a year now.

I recently signed a contract with easyfotostock (part of agefotostock) in Spain and now discovered they sell my pictures on Alamy using their own pseudonym as photographer to be credited. Meaning my name will not be credited on those sales, although I have the copyright.

I didnīt know they use affiliate programmes and I couldnīt choose any of the affiliates as well. I also canīt delete my pictures on their site.

I want to sell my pics directly not through that agency and I will terminate my contract now.

Is this common? Do agencies sell pictures they donīt have the copyright on under their own name with no credits or mentioning the copyright holder?

I always thought I own my copyright and have to be mentioned when selling through stock angencies.... Am I wrong?

I wrote to Alamy about that subject but they responded I have to talk about that with agefotostock, they use the pseudonym given with the photo.


my picture with my name

And this is how they sell it

Got an answer from AGEfotostock in the mean time telling me

- they are sorry they uploaded my pictures under a wrong copyright name (but did not change it to the right name til now)
- that I canīt terminate my contract before december 2022 (full three years)
- my pictures will remain online for 6 more months after december 2022
- I canīt have any pictures deleted
- yes, they do work with affiliates (they call them distrubutor) but wonīt tell me which (so I have no bloody idea who is selling my pictures)
- I canīt opt out of that affiliate programme nor choose any affiliates

My resumee after all of that:

be beware of the spanish AGEfotostock

You loose all control of your rights and pictures and they might even sell them under a different copyright name.

Uncle Pete:

4.1. Term: This Agreement shall be for an initial term of three (3) years from the Effective Date (“Initial Term”). This Agreement will be automatically renewed for consecutive one (1) year terms
(“Renewal Terms”), unless either one of the parties gives a written notice of termination to the other at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the Initial Term or any of the Renewal Terms.

Too bad, you sent back the required signed contract? They get 50% for managing your images and distribution.

True they should have sold them with your name on the images.

Remember to give notice 90 days prior to the expiration or it will auto renew for another year!


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