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MICROSTOCKR PRO - desktop app tracking earnings across multiple agencies

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Hey guys,

for the last 2+ years we've been working hard developing a new application called Microstockr Pro helping photographers track their earnings. If you’ve ever taken stock photos and uploaded them to multiple agencies, you know that checking your sales can be very time-consuming and frustrating.

That's where Microstockr Pro tries to help.
By looking at your whole portfolio history, you can view its overall performance, check your best earners and see sales patterns you weren't able to notice before.

Check out this introduction video:

We're still in BETA, so you can download our app and use it for FREE:

Join us and let us know what you think.


Looks very nice!
I am using mobile version whole the time...  Very useful for me! Especially during morning coffee! Just trigger and... :o 8)

Im trying now and it's looking very well done, can't wait the Shutterstock fetching available !

Is it advisable to keep it open and running to update or are refreshes necessary? Seems a bit heavy on processor to keep running. Just asking.

Looks really nice! It includes nearly all the agencies that I submitted to. BTW, I entered the username and password for Fotolia and it said "username for this agency is used by another account". I may have created another Microstockr account before. Is it possible to delete the previous account so that I can fetch the data from Fotolia for my new account?


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