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I want to offer my retouch services. My portfolio: newbielink:http://portfolios.ru/seriyr [nonactive] 
Photo - 1 dollar.  I live in Ukraine, and have Skrill account. If you are interested in cooperation, my email: newbielink:mailto:[email protected] [nonactive], facebook: newbielink:https://www.facebook.com/sery.intr [nonactive]
I will be glad to work :)

P.S. Sorry for my english

We earn $0.30 per image.
We cannot pay $1,00 per image.

Actually, the people who can afford to outsource are earning far more than 0.30 over time

Selling each image hundreds or thousands of times = a lot of income per photo, for those contributors

But imagine sending 100 images to retouch from a photoshoot.  Only 50 are accepted.  Then only 25 sell.  I have to sell at least 350 times just to cover the retouching service.  And another 350 times to make a reasonable profit. Those 25 images have to sell 700 times.  So $1 is expensive...

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And there are plenty contributors who sell far more than that. If you're good enough at MS, you can outsource everything.

Personally, 1$ sounds too little, but it depends on where you live and what you are making.

Each to his own

Good luck OP


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