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Hello all,

I would like to share the application for attributing and uploading photos/videos on stocks:
for mac: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.2.7/PixelUploader.jar
for windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.2.7/PixelUploader.jar

and І would like to answer for any questions.

Best Regards, SL.

macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.2.8/PixelUploader.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.2.8/PixelUploader.exe

macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.2.9/PixelUploader.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.2.9/PixelUploader.exe

macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.3.0/PixelUploader.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.3.0/PixelUploader.exe

The latest version:
macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.9.6/PixelUploader-0.9.6.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.9.6/PixelUploader-0.9.6.exe

Hi all,

sorry, forgot to describe what the PixelUploader does and what it doesn't do.

What it does:
1. The PixelUploader is a desktop application available for macOS and windows.
2. The software is provided "as is".
3. Basic functionality:
    3.1. Attributing JPEG-files: modify IPTC, EXIF data and save into a file;
    3.2. Supporting of batch editing and upload;
    3.3. Supporting video files;
    3.4. Export to CSV files in following formats (useful for video files):
            Shutterstock, GettyImages, Pond5, Videoblocks, 123RF, Depositphotos...
3.5. Uploading photo/video files to ftp servers (stocks or any ftp server);
3.6. Security safe of credentials;
3.7. Simultaneous transfers of files;
4. Сonfidentiality: merely checking update;

What it will do:
1. Add login into the application;
2. Add support vector;

What it doesn't do:
1. The app doesn't have any local or remote storage, it's business of user how the content is organized.
   The goal of the app is just attributing and uploading of graphical content for microstocks;

Hallo zusammen,

The new 0.3.2 version of the PU is available to download:
macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.3.2/PixelUploader-0.3.2.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.3.2/PixelUploader-0.3.2.exe

What's new:
1. Upload enhancement:
    removed the logout timeout;
    improved coping of a big file;
    improved behavior on cancelled and failed;
2. Added support Dreamtime CSV.
3. Showing size of a picture/video file.
4. Showing tooltip for progress indicators.

Hi All,

The new version (0.3.4) of the PU is available to download:
macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.3.4/PixelUploader-0.3.4.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.3.4/PixelUploader-0.3.4.exe


Hi All,

The new version (0.3.6) of the PU is available to download:
macOS: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/macos/0.3.6/PixelUploader-0.3.6.dmg
windows: http://www.pixelstocks.com/app/download/windows/0.3.6/PixelUploader-0.3.6.exe



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