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We're happy to announce the public Beta of our new web-based service of management, uploading and submission of any microstock content!

More information in our new blog: https://medium.com/microstock-plus/weve-launched-the-open-beta-52deb30f8b2

Frequently Asked Questions

Excellent news !!   :D 8)

That's really cool!

2 questions:
- Will you continue to develob stocksubmitter, or will it be replaced by the new web based service?
- will there be a way to import configuration from stocksubmitter save files?

Its great platform.

While i am entering keywords i cant see the image thumbnail. Will it be added?

Thank you for the feedback everyone! :)


1. Of course we will, this tool is an addition which can be used together with StockSubmitter or as a standalone platform whichever suits you better!

2. It is, in fact, already fully integrated with StockSubmitter!

To enable it, please go to the Agency settings in StockSubmitter, select Microstock.Plus and click "Enable". The settings will be synchronized automatically.
You can also enable synchronization of your local release database with the server using the corresponding checkbox on the Features tab in the program settings.

After that you can either upload your files directly to M+ (via website or FTP) and tag them there OR tag images in StockSubmitter, select Microstock.Plus uploading checkbox among the agencies you want to get your files submitted to and click Upload like you did before - the program will upload your content to M+ and launch the uploading process from M+ to the selected agencies.

So basically the system can suit any workflow :)


At this point we decided to use our resources for other core features and just integrate existing keywording platforms and they don't support showing thumbnails of the content you tag.
However, we have plans to implement our own perfect keywording tool in January (we've gathered lots of feedback from our users to know what it should be capable of) that will show the thumbnails of the content that's being tagged for sure :)


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