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eyeem sales

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Well, it looks like they just lowered the minimum download to 2 dollars. :(

It was always 5 dollars, until they lowered it to 3 in April, now they lowered it again.

However they did add Adobe as a new distribution partner.

I also had one download for 58 dollars and several for 6, so I really can´t complain.

But I have nearly double the downloads than in January, but less money.

However, I am still happy, because eyeem is really fun.

Eyeem is a waste of time with his release system... fill again in web fields all model /property release information ethnicity... age... name...adress...phone...mail... and if you forget related images of the same person before submit...yo will must do it again.

 I closed my account. A file remain in Getty Eyem.

the model release system is absolutely horrible.

they also just removed the ability to  upload the paper release. Now you have to send an email to every single model, every time you upload.

if you have 30 people in the image, everyone has to agree again and again and again.

It is crazy.


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I just learned about Eyeem and i'm very interested.    My question is about getting a quantity of photo's up.  Have you submitted many?   since most of my iphone photo's are no longer on my iphone, what's the best way to get them from my pc hard drive to eyeem? Do i have to reload them back to my iphone, then upload?   is there a way to upload from the pc?    and then, can i use photos that were taken by my dslr?   sorry if these are simple questions, but they're not clear from what i've read so far about eyeem.   thanks


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