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just wanted to ask you how are sales there and if its worth it to upload some of my files. i have 70k on top tier agencies and wanted to upload 3-4k to eyeem. the thing that stops me from uploading is the lack of any kind of protection like a watermark or something..and that is why i wondered if the paycheck worths the risk.

I am thinking about it to :). But I donīt like that all of my uploaded files to EyeEm are automatically distributed to other partners. Example to Adobe Stock or Getty. I have my files there to. I donīt want to double my files on this site. I think it would be a bad thing. On EyeEm isnīt OPT OUT Partners distribution button.

anybody some info?

I have sales every month, most sales are for 3 dollars, sometimes more.

Eyeem doesnīt have a watermark, so I donīt feel comfortable uploading people stock or expensive stock.

But I like to take snapshots of the world around me, experiment with ,mobile stock filters and I send these to eyeem.

It ī s more like a hobby. Very relaxing.

Eyeem is first of all a photo community like flickr, sales come from distribution and you get 50% of what eyeem gets. We donīt know what percentage eyeem has, so if they get 20% from getty, you will get 10. If they get 10, you get 5. But I have never received less than 3 dollars.

Sometimes they also sell direct, but I only get that two times a year or so.

In my experience, normal stock doesnīt really sell. But the overfiltered stuff does.

Mobile stock is a different genre, youīll have to experiment to see if it works for you.

They have missions you can join and a blog where they show the style they like.

thank you so much, the watermark is something that just keeps me from uploading yet


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