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Hello i wanted to ask you if anybody uploads to snapwire and how well are you doing there? Also how you got to opt-out of the premium feature so you remain non-exclusive? Thank you.

Tried it and hated it. Impossible to level up and the challenges were basically all won by high earning pro photogs. After a few months I threw in the towel.

I left them after that I have seen that they give stolen photos as example in their briefs…

Snapwire is a joke. They only favor the same people over and over again. If you look at their requests submissions, there are really good images which don't get nominated or bought, while snapshots from the 'pros' get nominated.
I wonder if their clients even see all the submissions.

Tried it, forget about it. Same situation with Foap and i suspect that with any other mobile microstock.
Just think about, who needs noisy images with horrible dynamic range. On classic stocks i often get rejections of photos made with HQ DSLR..

You thoughts abut it?


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