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Mostphotos goes Rip-Off

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Axel Lauer:

Gonna pull my port.

I sold one for 150 euro in January, get uploading again :)  I always look at the average amount I get per sale and they are OK for a microstock site.  If you pull your portfolio with them, then you might as well pull it from most of the microstock sites.

nothing news under the sun.
I have had 0,14 and 0,17 sales (medium- and highres)

@sharpshot: If I am correct, Axel already has pulled his port from Shutterstock and some other agencies.

Axel, why have you pulled your portfolio from Shutterstock? Are you then exclusive at Fotolia?
In that case, since I know that Fotorob has exclusive pictures at Fotolia, how are you guys satisfied with Fotolia exclusivity? I'm asking because I've heard some positive things about Fotolia exclusivity, especially in Europe, so I'm thinking about giving it a try with some pictures.
Thanks in advance!


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