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An advice to the other Photocase users


Today I have had the surprise to see that 2 of my images have been sold on Photocase for 0€…

So I wrote to the site admin who answered this:
"Initially Photocase has been a community and photogs could trade photos. That download derives from another artist who used her/his free credits, that come with every sale of their own material. While few downloads really end up in commercial productions most photographers use this function as a pad on the shoulder for other artists whose work they cherish.

If you wish not to take part in this program the sharing function can be disabled here."

In fact there is the possibility to disable the function (and I did not see it before).
But I still find unacceptable that such a function is enabled by default!

Not really fair by the way…

Take care!

Microstock Man:
Don't think I've ever heard anything positive about Photocase....


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