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iSignstock - new stock offering from Ingram Publishing

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Ingram Publishing just opened their iSignStock site to contributers and are offering some cash for uploading.

The site is a subscription site with photographers share ranging from 30%-40%, although I haven't seen how the pay structure is divided up.

If you upload exclusive images they will also be automatically put on the Ingimage site.

So anyhow, here is the link if you want to check it out.

Sean Locke Photography:
What an awful looking site.

Search for 'business'.  All Yuri, all the time ;)

i don't see anything about paying for uploading.

Jo Ann Snover:
$330 per year to download 50 images a week - 2,600 images at 12.69 cents apiece.

Not sure what the photographer share in money would be but it doesn't seem this would amount to much per image.

Has a bit a of a bargain bin feel about it, no?

Not sure about the name but they know how to sell, as I can see through my third party sales with another site.  Subs buyers never use their full quota of downloads and 30%-40% commission is probably reasonable for subs sites.


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