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How much have u sold so far (art/stock), and how many images do you have?

In the first month we sold 10 images [nofollow] and sales have been steady since.  We are laying a lot of marketing groundwork now that we expect to pay off soon with further growth in sales.

I have a few good ones good for canvas on wall but not stock. What about qualitycontrol?

We will be offering a top-quality giclee printing service for our art customers that will result in unique prints on fine art canvas for customers looking for this.  We check all images submitted to us for quality and have published an image submission guide [nofollow] that explains what we look for.  If you are looking to sign up then please visit our artist sign up [nofollow] page.

For what you are offering the buyer, you could easily be 5 times the price (around what many people reprice the rights option on DT) and still not be considered premium.

The current market for exclusive / full-rights stock images is practically non-existent because of this exact perception.  To elaborate, if one says that the copyright of an image is worth, using your example, 5 x 800 = 4000 US dollars, then it is cheaper for a company to run an assignment and get a whole photoshoot-worth of images, with all copyrights attached and the images are custom to their needs.  So this pricing does not make sense and so the market doesn't exist in any material fashion.

We are looking to create this market by (1) giving a stock photography option for designers/publishers [nofollow] that makes financial sense and (2) offer affordable unique fine art [nofollow] for consumers.  In terms of sales, the potential of this business model is very big because, as you say, there is so much value embedded in the product that it makes sense to buyers.

as the terms of sale including destruction of similars, there is again issues with earnings here depending on how similar? are we talking series or shoot exclusivity here? If you take and sell 1 in 10 images that may be accepted elsewhere, your returns become extremely poor.  I think this will need to be very very clear to both buyers and artists with numerous examples

The concept of getting rid of similars is there to avoid what we refer to as "double takes" of practically the same image, defeating the exclusivity of owning one of those images.  A similar image is something REALLY similar to another image and can be considered largely identical.  Since we did our due diligence, working with a top IP law firm, we can tell you that no one can force a photographer to get rid of images that are reasonably different.  (whether from the same photoshoot or even the same subject)  Such a request, even if agreed to through a contract, would not be upheld in a court of law.

Can I buy images on your site and then resell them as stock? Or make prints and sell these? Or greeting cards, calendars, web templates etc...?

Buying images and reselling them as stock cannot be done through conventional media because a noequivalent sale does not transfer a completely unencumbered copyright.  A condition that is put on the transfer is that a buyer cannot claim to be the author of the image must identify the original photographer if asked.  This would make the image not re-sellable through any major agency's agreement as a complete copyright is required to post images.  While theoretically possible, an as-is sale becomes very complicated to say the least.

Images can be made into prints, greeting cards, calendars, etc and resold as such.



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