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Author Topic: The future is in the little guys- Not the big 4  (Read 8524 times)

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« Reply #50 on: April 07, 2013, 14:13 »
site focused on macros and still life photography

Nice designed site. Have you got a clearer description of what sort of images you are looking for. I notice that some of the images of coins, for example, don't fit a traditional definition of macro (although I guess they are still life!)

Do you make any sales at present or is this just getting under way.

Finally, I notice the 50 image a week limit. For any contributor with an existing portfolio, it would be much better to allow a one-off FTP upload. I don't mind if you then look at 50 a week, but forcing the contributor to keep track of which image has been uploaded, and remember to go back next week with more is a bit of an annoyance!


Thanks Steve. That's why we included the still-life range, because we wanted to add images that are not considered macros, technically speaking, like food, dishes, products, etc. We have a Guidelines(PDF) document that we will place in our Join page, so anyone can see it. In there you can find information about the type of images we are looking for, what to avoid, etc. Like most stock sites guidelines.

About the 50 image limit, we are planning to lift that. In fact, we say -maybe this is not clear- that you can upload as many images as you want when you start with us, but after you have uploaded most of your 'ready' content you should upload no more than 50 a week, but you are right! it's not practical. We did it like that to avoid moderation delays if many people upload at the same time.

About the sales, so far there are few sales only, we still have to implement some extra services and polish our UX interface, there are some flaws around. We haven't started a complete promotion phase to customers because we are still building the gallery, there is no point to invest on promoting a site with few thousand images. Also, we offer 15 free credits to new customers, many images have been downloaded but there are still many users with their free credits.

If you guys want to be informed about news on Macrografiks, feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter in the footer of our site or follow us in Facebook:


« Reply #51 on: April 07, 2013, 16:42 »
Whether called 'macro' or just 'close-up', I've had lots of trouble getting such shots approved at SS.  They seem not to quite grasp  the optical limitations, and apply the same standards as they would to a landscape: perfect focus corner-to-corner, infinite DOF.  IS used to reject the actual texture of an object - magnified - as 'artifacts' or 'noise'.    I've gotten some approved using focus stacking, i.e. combining images, but what a pain. 

I'd like to do more macro, but I got discouraged at the big agencies.  Maybe an agency making this their specialty could at least be clearer about what they want or expect in a photo.

« Reply #52 on: April 11, 2013, 17:38 »
These are some examples of the type of images we are looking for Macrografiks


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