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Author Topic: any advice concerning stock agencies that allow the following.  (Read 2828 times)

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« on: November 08, 2012, 19:53 »
Hello everyone,
I will appreciate your advice for the following-
I am a cartoonist, digital artist and an illustrator willing to start selling  images as RF.
Although I have been creating my art for years, only now I am looking for platform/s to sell those images as RF.
I also have my own website, that even includes a script for selling such images, but I have not yet open the website as I feel that it might be better to concentrate my efforts on the artistic part and use a professional service like a stock agency for the selling of the images, dealing with customers and the marketing.

I will be very thankful for any advice concerning any agency that might provide the following-
1. Being able to operate a portfolio website of my own (with my own domain), in addition to presenting the images on the agency, so customers can pick the images they like and to be directed to the platform for the payment? (in this way I can also market my own portfolio website and direct the customers to the platform for the payment)
2. I am willing to limit the use with the images to digital use only  (no printing is allowed), due my green ideology.- Is it possible in any stock agency?
3. I am also willing the customers to agree on taking the full legal responsibility for the use with my images(also from 3rd parties)- Is it covered in most terms of use or do I need to somehow add it somewhere else?
4. As I use eclectic tools and varied techniques to create my art, I usually export one size for each image- the sizes changes from image to image, but most of the images are at 300dpi- Is it possible to offer only one image size for each image? 
5. Some of the issues artist like me face with stock agencies are fierce competition, low royalties rates, rejections, complicated payment methods that make the prices get even lower (such as credits) etc., so  I am looking for stock platform/s to sell images in reasonable prices, that enable artists with the option to get paid reasonably, and also would like to ask-
As opposed to a photographer who can provide thousands of photos quickly, I put more time and effort on each image, so naturally I can provide less images. Is it still possible, in this way, to get noticed and build a personal brand?
6. Being able to set prices of my own.

I will be very thankful for any suggestions concerning any stock agencies that might provide the above.

It will truly help as I already did a massive research but was not able to find agency that provide all of the above(such as limiting the use to digital use only etc.)

Thank you in advanced for any advice and info.

Kind regards,

The illustrationist.

« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2012, 20:08 »
It will truly help as I already did a massive research but was not able to find agency that provide all of the above(such as limiting the use to digital use only etc.)

Santa Claus? sorry he/that agency doesn't exist ;D

1. no agency does that, basically you need to upload/submit/review and get the royalties % they wish!
2. don't think so!
3. agencies have their terms which you cannnot edit, again you agree or your are out!
4. image sizes are also done by agencies automatically!
5. agencies paying well don't sell!
6. some agencies do allow this but again they dont sell!

regarding payouts is pretty simple, you have paypal, mb and also checks, most of us use paypal and it works pretty well!

if what I have just said isn't against your idea of selling images, you can try and get approved at SS, then try a few other, check the list at the right


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« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2012, 20:12 »
Most of what you suggest would be anathema to an agency. They are out to maximise their own profit. You are just a cog in that wheel. You'll soon find that they set the rules. We have to follow their rules or not play the game. And they can change the rules whenever they want.
If you were going to have a portfolio site of your own, why would you then pay a big percentage to an agency to sell them for you? Why not just sell them yourself, then you can set restrictions on use as you wish, and get 100% of the cash?
Most of us don't have that big a name, so wouldn't attract business to our own sites and pay the agencies to market for us.
To find out more about running your own site, try the selling direct forum:

« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2012, 20:20 »
No such agency exists.

About point 2: displaying digital images on telephone or computer devices etc consumes electricity.


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« Reply #4 on: November 09, 2012, 20:16 »
As far as #2 is concerned, I doubt you'd get many sales even on your own if you put that kind of restriction of digital only on them. Customers buy these images and illustrations for commercial use rather it be for their web site, their ads in magazines or brochures, if the image was used for their website more than likely they are going to use it for "material" advertising to.

Good luck in finding an agency for this.


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