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Author Topic: Noise Problem  (Read 5296 times)

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« on: October 02, 2008, 00:00 »
I have some noise in the photo's I have taken. I love the photos and was wondering if there is a way to take the noise out of my photo's, such as a free program online...I'm sure there might be a way with photo shop but being so new to this that program is to much for me to invest in. I'm not sure if this maters but the camra I'm shooting with is a Canon s5is.

« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2008, 00:59 »
yeah, check out noiseninja or neatimage 

I think both have free/ trial versions.  They are a little time consuming for the trial versions but good for testing things out and seeing if it works.

If an image has LOTS of noise, nothing is going to get it good enough for stock, but the programs are very helpful if there is only a bit of noise.  In the future make sure you only shoot on ISO 100.  For point and shoot cameras like the S5 this is particularly important.


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« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2008, 07:46 »
I tried a few different programs and Neat Image seems to do the best job of removing noise and also maintaining image quality.

« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2008, 08:28 »
I also have Neat Image, but using proper lighting, DSLR and prime lens reduces the needs of using it.  Make sure you only apply the minimal level of noise reduction on the area that really needs it and sharpen the area a bit afterward as some details would be lost during the noise reduction process.


« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2008, 09:13 »
Resizing can mask the effects somewhat too...

For SS you can resize down to 4MP

For IS you can resize to just the size required for that particular size

« Reply #5 on: October 04, 2008, 10:48 »
I agree with michealo


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« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2008, 16:08 »
Resizing can help but keep in mind that some sites may change the dimensions for their sizes. Meaning today a medium may be 5MP and if they later change it to 6MP your 5MP image just got downgraded to a small. I'm pretty sure I remember BigStock changing sizes around within the past year.

« Reply #7 on: November 28, 2008, 15:12 »
I agree resizing is the best way but I also in photoshop sometimes adjust the color, if I can darken something if it is green/black etc.. and it helps.
Sometimes I have used filters to soften the image (example of a sky) but then erased parts so it still appears sharp).

« Reply #8 on: November 28, 2008, 15:21 »
I use Imagenomic Noiseware. It's not free but it's excellent and it's very flexible.


« Reply #9 on: November 28, 2008, 18:39 »
Hey There,

 The best way besides good glass and a descent sensor is to over expose your image. Just like in the old days of neg. film. Expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights. You need to shoot in Raw to really be able to control the develop part of the system. Keep those Histograms up high everyone.


« Reply #10 on: November 28, 2008, 23:22 »
yeah, check out noiseninja or neatimage 

Yes for pictures already taken with noise.. Be careful on how far you use noise reduction as it will remove details.. Also you can remove noise through channels in photoshop.. Getty has a good tutorial somehwere on how to remove noise within the channels to avoid losing details..

over expose your image.

How to keep noise away from the get go..  ;D
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« Reply #11 on: November 29, 2008, 07:35 »
I use Imagenomic Noiseware. It's not free but it's excellent and it's very flexible.
I also use Noiseware and find it does the job well.


« Reply #12 on: November 30, 2008, 11:29 »
I use to  always use iso 100 to stop noise even on long exposures at night.Only recently have i started to increase the iso and was pleasantly surprised to have a night image accepted on istock with iso 1600.
I use adobe elements 5.0  to post edit my images and just run the noise reduction programme over the image before downsizing.


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