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Universal Model Releases


Hi everybody, fairly new to microstock. Is there a model release from any of the top 10 agencies (based on earnings rating) that are accepted across all agencies? Don't want to get releases signed and find that for example the Shutterstock release is not accepted by Adobe.

Look forward to your feedback

Not so long ago (1-2 months?) I've tried the getty one. It was accepted everywhere I sent my clips (SB,SS,P5,AS).


a Stock Image:
Sorry for reviving an old threat, but the ones I use from EZ Release Pro app is accepted by SS, Getty, and others.

SS won't accept any of model releases only their docusign one.  I queried it with them and got an answer something like we don't accept model releases with inserted signatures.  This has been for about 2 months or so.  It's a pain to be honest faffing with their MR when all the other agencies accept my releases with no problem. 

If SS don't accept inserted signatures why ask people to "download their Model release".



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