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why can't I start a new thread?

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Firstly, welcome to the forum.

If you want to connect to other new users, you can check out the *newbies only* forum area here

In regards to starting threads, members who are 'lurkers' (those who have less than one post) are not able to start new threads.  This is an effort to cut down on spambots.

Once you have made one post, your status is upgraded to 'Newbie' and you can start your own threads.

Also:  when you do start a new thread, please give the thread a descriptive subject.  If you are going to ask a question, put the question in the subject.  A thread that is titled 'a question for you' or 'I am having problems' is not helpful and will probably not get a very good response.  Instead try 'I am having problems with my ftp program Filezilla' or 'What is the best FTP software?'

Good move. Thanx!

You don't like bots starting threads about lesbian sex? ???

Darn. I thought this was going to be a reminder to check out the forum search to see if someone already started a thread on your earthshattering news you came to share.  ;)

no its great idea how to stop bots! Thanks


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