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American Frame Starting a New Line of Business

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This isn't stock but it's an avenue to make money from your photos so I hope some find this useful.  For those of you who have both stock shots and more artisitic shots in your portfolio...

I've used American Frame for years (mats, frames, etc.) and really like their products and prices (no - I'm not on commission  ;D ).  I got an email from them announcing that artists could upload photos so folks could purchase artwork along with frames.  Seems they'll have some free number (trial is 35) portfolios and, if you want to store more, a fee-based plan.  I've copied the window from their website.  I've uploaded my 35 (simple enough) and have begun adding options for buyers.

The options process is a nose-bleed and I've provided some ideas that would make this simpler -- they promised to add some features that will make this better so I'm waiting a bit before filling out my offerings.

Don't know what the payback will be but I know these folks are a class-act.  They're at www.americanframe.com.  If nothing else, you'll find a very reasonable way to frame stuff.

The Art Gallery (COMING SOON!)
Visit our Art Gallery and discover fine art reproductions of original works from hundreds of practicing artists and photographers, then let us deliver it to your door in the form of a framed, ready-to-hang fine art print.

Seems like an interesting concept.  What type of prices are you submitting for your images?

and what % of sale price do you get?

According to the website, you receive 100% of the price you set on the image.  They then tack on a charge for framing, manual labor, etc.

So they just make money from teh frame.


Admart001 - let us know if you get any sales and on what type of photo.  it will be intersting to see what sells.


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