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Author Topic: Another best match....  (Read 1284 times)

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« on: February 03, 2009, 16:01 »
The Robinsons moved into number 22 in the summer of 1969.I do remember Kevin knocking on our front door with a football under his arm.Now that was my first memory of my Best Mate.
You can't choose your family so that is why our friends are important to  us.
Me and kevin have known each other for 40 years,we grew up together,we train spotted together as teens (anoraks).He lived with me for 2 months when his marriage crumbled.We drink together.We  go  to horse racing together. Regular contact and knowing i only need to ask a favour he would be there for me and me likewise.
Do you have a Best Mate???
PS. if you read this and are  a single male  ,plz try to be original and don't post .."my right hand"



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