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Newbie question concerning image sizing:

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I have a 6mb Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  Iíve taken a RAW picture which shows to be 36mb.  Iíve then converted it to a high quality (12) JPEG image with dimensions of 3400x5100 and 5.61mb.  My concern is that I am trying to submit to a website which demands ď48mb minimum uncompressed file sizeĒ.  They later state to interpolate images to a minimum of 48mb using professional upsizing software.  I have Photoshop CS, does this mean I need to take the JPEG image and increase the dimensions until the file goes from 5.61mb to >48mb or am I looking at this completely wrong ????

Thank you for your help !!!


I presume you are converting for Alamy - who apparently are switching to submission over the internet so all this messing around with Cds and 48 meg Tiff files will be over as they will just want an upsized JPEG.

I must admit I have yet to venture into the RAW zone can you convert from RAW - TIFF ?? best to stay away from JPEG. So try resizing your 6mp file to 3433 x 5150 (click on bicubic Adobe CS should be fine) and when you save as a TIFF file select uncompressed and that should give you a 50.5 meg TIFF.

I sent my CD off at the beginning of the month no e-mails except that they received the CD.

Good luck


   Thanks for your reply below.  Is there a limit to how much one can increase the size w/o losing noticeable quality ?  Iím sure there is quality loss with any increase but Iím just looking for some general guidelines, i.e. 5%, 10% or whateverÖ



i believe they feel that 200% image size is max, but still ok

yes you have to upsize the image to reach the 48mb size restriction.

I don't use PS, but I believe it will tell you the uncompressed file size even of a JPEG file (PSP does, so PS must do too). 

Regarding upsizing, I remember seeing a recommendation of a PS plugin at some stock site.  Some time ago I tested a trial version of ClearerZoom and got very good results in most cases and I was upsizing 100% from 640x480, but it all depends on the original image (it has to be good!).  I have upsized images in 10% to fit minimum requirements in some sites, using PSP's interpolation.  I doubt however that 100% upsizing will be approved in most sites.  To begin with, some flaws become much more noticeable (purple fringe, for instance).  In some cases it may work, but not in most cases at the top sites.

This one, for instance, was succesfully upsized in 100% from a 900x600 scanned image:
while this one, also upsized in 100% but from a 640x480 digital image, shows noticeable flaws at 100% view (check with image zoom tool)
In both I used ClearerZoom.



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