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Author Topic: Covid spreading again - World Markets Crashing  (Read 3655 times)

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Here in Germany, there are now cases where doctors who vaccinate out of inner conviction are pelted with stones, have their cars vandalized, or even receive death threats.

That can't be true.

I don't go and throw stones at someone or destroy their car because they haven't been vaccinated.

What has happened to this society?

Where does this aggression come from?

Because of the "free" media, things have developed that I - especially as a German - had hoped would never happen again. I deeply hope that my current fears will never come true again!

Well first of all Im against any form of aggression, vandalism or force. Not standing right not standing left and minding my own business.

But since you are from Germany you clearly know there was also a guy there who wrote on his shop window that non vaccinated are not welcomed like he is stuck in 1941. Worst form of segregation and legally he wont feel no legal consequences. He got few bad google reviews and a broken window.

He should have been legally sanctioned same as the guy who threw the stones.

Also since you are from Germany you must have heard of Dr. Andreas Noack case.

If he is really dead and if scientist with different opinions should be in fear of being killed, we should really start thinking about the future because its not looking good.


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Actually, that exact thing happened. Omicron showed up in Australia and South Africa at the same time, in vaccinated people.

About 50 mnutes in.

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Actually, that exact thing happened. Omicron showed up in Australia and South Africa at the same time, in vaccinated people.

About 50 mnutes in.

This video in general is full of valid points that are just being ignored.

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I personally am double vaccinated and will be getting my booster vaccination next Wednesday. Nevertheless, I personally would have no problems at all if all people had to be tested permanently. Even the vaccinated ones.

The virus is there. Nobody wants it. Everyone wants their normal life back. Me too! The sooner the better!

Personally, I'm fine, except for the economic impact of the pandemic, which I'm feeling. But I'm still fine because I don't have to be in an ICU every day, last Christmas and this Christmas, watching completely exhausted hospital staff watch people die miserably in massive pain and shortness of breath. And personally, the selfishness towards these people working beyond exhaustion gets to me. I am so fed up with this selfishness!

I am not saying that Corona would no longer exist if everyone was vaccinated. But I am saying that we would have a whole lot less problems!

If someone doesn't want to be vaccinated - for whatever reason - but then is quite consistently willing to put himself/herself in complete isolation and accept the resulting consequences - absolute social isolation - then that's okay with me.

But those who do not want to be vaccinated, but at the same time think that life should go on as normal, are selfish and absolutely antisocial idiots.

Absolutely agree on first part...responsability is the key

But if all the studies are proving that vaccinated and non vaccinated are spreading the virus almost equally ( ) , but wants to put just one group on full isolation that is beyond selfishness.

The high level of vaccinated able to spread the virus is not even questionable any more and its been publicly stated even from authorities, now the next reason is that non vaccinated are prone to more serious state of illness and taking beds in hospitals. So lets isolate them.

Really, a healthy young non vaccinated individual is way more safe that an obese older person that had 2 shots + booster and that is a fact. And now that young healthy individual should stay home watching those selfish people in way more danger than him traveling and going to restaurants because he is in risk to take their hospital bed but they are waving with passes that dont work.

And he knows that 5 people in his age group died in whole country of which 4 have been severely imuno-compromised by some second condition.

And than someone who was stuffing himself with sugar, hamburgers and smoking half of the life dares to call him selfish because he represents a risk because he didn't get shoots which DO NOT stop the spreading of the virus not even significantly but almost at all.

Those people who are fearing the risks, but at the same time socializing and waving with their passes that would isolate young healthy individuals who are almost without risks are nothing but fascists. Not idiots...but selfish fascists and they are actually the ones who are supposed to be isolated while young and healthy develop a natural immunity which is already proven to be stronger that the one from vaccines and last longer ( ) because reinfections are extremely rare almost without any risks even if they occur. And then introduce those vulnerable back into society and vaccinate them to boost their immunity. And there are more and more scientist backing this idea. But in this way nobody earns any money on half of the worlds population.

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