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Trump has the rona

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Supposedly. I have so little trust in anything he says that Iím not sure if itís true or if itís 1. A ploy to make him look invincible when he miraculously ďrecoversĒ just before the election 2. An excuse to hand the reins over to Pence, who pardons him for everything 3. A chance to secretly mass the troops, the Proud Boys, etc. to prepare for a takeover, or 4. His opportunity to escape to somewhere.

Here in the EU the news about Trump in the last days are quite scaring. The media are saying he could not accept the election results with the support of supremacist groups, the good old nazi guys.

I think it is just another stupid thing he has said about the mail voting or something... Can't believe that.

I do think he is ill now. He should have used a face covering all the time, like everyone else should do.

The problem is not POTU. The American society placed him there, as president of the USA.

USA is isolated from the world. You have always been very special. It is no longer useful to divide the world with Russia, after the Second World War.

As countries struggle to try to improve in all aspects, with their own problems, the Freedom of Expression amendment, I was not aware of the misinterpretation and the strength of the internet. Insulting gratuitously and manipulating society with measured information. Professional brainwashing for years.

People cannot assimilate the false news, and another one arrives. Of hatred and political rivalry.

In economics, it was already known that taxes are for these people, who do not want free X-rays to homeless people, the same people, fight for a health care for the rich and for millionaires.

The developed countries, we will receive American refugees, while you solve your problems of abortions and things of the 50s.

The problem is with the country, with its citizens, not with this ruined president about to go to jail.

Society as a whole is responsible for what happens in a country, there is a lot of flags, but it is divided into colored states.

Continue fighting for abortion, yes, abortion, no, and the rest of the country will follow the geopolitical trail of the EU and China.

The EU is going to lead the climate change, you solve your hatred, first. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of man, also the right to honor, intimacy and privacy.

As long as you allow free insults to Gays, you are not worthy of anything. Since Gays are normal people. Something difficult to understand, since the set allows abuse.

7 millionaires, and millions of slaves, who wish to be slaves with the carrot of the American dream.

It was already known before COVID that the USA was not so strong. Society, families cannot save, or pay for an unforeseen event, despite working in at least two places. And without the right to paid vacations, or health, where living one more day is a matter of luck. Violence and hatred is the description of the USA.

If POTU does not survive this positive for COVIDD, the conspiracy and the weapons will be in the street. Good luck to you all.

Bad Robot:
I wish him and his wife a speedy recovery  :-*


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