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Author Topic: You can fight but you can't win!  (Read 883 times)

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"Panavisions Executive VP Phil Radin states that, Film will be around as long as Kodak and Fuji believe they can make money at it. With their revenues from the movie industry drying up, Kodak and Fuji are going to have a harder time keeping their film businesses profitable. If you want to see film survive, then you can do your part by buying film and encouraging others to shoot analog as well!"

Up the revolution... save film, shoot analog. Kind of like most of the other "save the" projects. These things are going out of production because they are obsolete and people don't want or need them! Kodak is already filing for bankruptcy but some people think it's a service business and they should lose more money, by making more film?

October, 2011: ARRI, Panavision, and Aaton Cease Production of Film Cameras; Will Focus Exclusively on Digital

For people who still want analog, 35mm, here's some help. Buy a bunch of film now. Get a container that seals sightly. Plastic is fine. Put your film stock in the freezer and bring it out as needed. You defrost for a day in the refrigerator to reduce condensation issues. Remember those little dry packets that come in just about everything, including shoes? Start tossing those into the container, instead of the trash.

I think 120 will be around a little longer because of the professional demands, but with only Fuji and Kodak left making 35mm film, it won't be long. No demand, no profit, the production stops. Fuji still makes some Polaroid process film, which Polaroid dropped many years ago. Demand = production as long as there a PROFIT. It isn't charity work.

I wonder what the production run would be for 35mm film if people pooled together and had Kodak make a batch for them. Say every five years. Place a pre-paid order. When there are enough people subscribed, Kodak starts the machines and makes the film. That way the analog people get good fresh, quality product and everyone is happy for another few years?  :)

 (2009) ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 22 -- Eastman Kodak Company announced today that it will retire KODACHROME Color Film this year, concluding its 74-year run as a photography icon.

Ask yourself another question. Say you have some old film (and yes I have a half a freezer full) where do you get it processed?

Send it out to someone with the old technology, who will handle your vintage film with tender care.

Hey I have a roll of double 8mm magazine, 1986 refrigerated. I wonder if they will process it for me? I suppose that means finding the one camera that uses that magazine?


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