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Email about "accounting cancellations"


Just received yesterday

Hello ***,

some of your images have been paid out incorrectly due to a wrong implementation of the API by one of our partners.

On the one hand, images have been paid out although they have not been downloaded by customers.

On the other hand, those images that have been licenced by customers, have been paid out twice.

We have now canceled those erroneous entries in your account:

Amount: ***

Number of images: ***

The partner has fixed the API implementation immediately after this bug has been reported.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Best regards,

Robert Walters

Had a look where those sales happened (actually they managed to mark them in the sales report). Had few sales "returned" that happened 1 YEAR ago.

I stopped submitting new content there 2 years ago, but just left my files there (not sure why). Never had much sales there anyways.

I had that email too and they clawed back several months worth of earnings.  Glad I stopped uploading to them ages ago.

Got it too…
I have answered them that they have to assume for their errors and that I don't agree that I have to pay for that!


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