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My Vectors!


Just got this er no I don't.......can't remember my last picture sale

Hi Paul,
as I am sure you are aware, vector graphics are an important element in contemporary web design.

During a review of our vector graphics offering we found that in a number of cases only the JPG-File is currently available to our clients.

You have illustrations online with us and I would be very grateful, if you could double check if the EPS files were always uploaded with those illustrations that are vector graphics.

These new EPS-file uploads will be batch processed and released online quickly as they relate to previously accepted images.

In order for this process to run smoothly please use the image code that you see online as the file name for each illustration and then upload the so named EPS-File(s) via FTP. In the event that a filename does not match the image code as seen online at, the file can unfortunately not be included in the batch process.

We ask for your support of this initiative as vector files have good revenue potential which is in our joint interest.

Thank you very much for your help in this matter!

Best wishes,

Tomas Speight
Chief Executive Officer

Rename all my EPS files to their file ID # and upload everything in return for 1 or 2 sales a year? Thanks, but no thanks.

Still not really sure what they want. All of my vectors have the same name as the JPG's.  I always load up the vectors first then label, then upload JPG's so I know what is what because there is no way of knowing otherwise. Wish they would write a better email and other.  Maybe this is a generic message to all of their providers with just your name put in?
Do you think they're going to remove them or something?
If yes that's a bit stupid.  ???

Site is  a waste of time. I stopped uploading a while back.


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