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Author Topic: Panther Media Upload / Contributor Back End  (Read 47896 times)

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« Reply #150 on: February 22, 2011, 12:18 »
And one request from me:

Please make the sign-in time longer. The site appears to automatically log out after around 30 minutes of non-activity - you can't immediately tell that it has happened, until you try to edit an image and then the page just sits there trying to load. You need to reload the whole page and sign in again to continue.

No reason why you can't have several hours of non-activity for a site like this.


« Reply #151 on: February 22, 2011, 14:50 »

I think the forums here will provide an easier way to illustrate my points above.

As far as the ajax/javascript problem I talked about, here is the screen in question, and its the same issue regardless of which of the various pages you are on. Basically what's happening is the pages load just fine, but the ajax/javascript progress bar keeps spinning its wheels for 5-10 seconds after the screen is loaded. And so you have to wait for it to realize it was done a long time ago, before you can do anything else.

Now lets look at this screen once its finished loading. You want to know what my first thought was, when this page finished loading yesterday? Where the heck is the navigation, and why can't I backup and go back to the screen I was just on. Oh I eventually found the menu system...but in order to get to any other page I either have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where the menu is hidden from view and click, or I have to click the orange "open menu" tab in the upper right hand corner and then find the one I want. So in essence by moving to this new design you have added 2-3 extra steps every time someone once to move from one page to the next. That might not seem annoying at first, but if a contributor wants to spend any serious time on this site they are going to get annoyed really fast, especially when they knew it was alot faster before you changed it.

And as far as the earnings, I urge panther to seriously look at how others are displaying this information. The main problem I see is you give snippets of information across multiple pages, rather than consolidating it as much as possible on one. I get your point that you can't put everything there, and I really don't want to see all the individual affiliate sales, I think like you say that would be crazy. But there is some logical consolidating that could be done.

What I like about the screen shot below is it shows me when the file was downloaded, what type of download it was, how much I made on the sale, a thumbnail of what was sold, and what terms were used to find what sold.  Like Pather they put all the affiliate and "special earnings" stuff on a different page. But anything related to purchases of my own images they keep to single page...short, sweet and a time saver for the contributor.

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« Reply #152 on: February 23, 2011, 13:10 »
Hi all,

thanks for the feedback on the system. Let me try to answer one after another.

@elwynn: I need further info. Usually, you first upload via FTP. Then you go to "image upload" and import all images into "my images". Once imported, go to "my images" and edit all mandatory info. Once the yellow traffic light is shown, they are forwarded to the reviewers.

@steheap: I assume our IT guys have limited the FTP space to 1GB. I can be extended manually. Please contat our support with username and the request that you want to extend the limit. Maybe 1 GB is enough to process the first batch of images? Anyway, it can be extended though.
Thanks for the pros. Re the cons...

Rechte / Bild an Bildredaktion senden
Why not signing once and forever that I am the author of my pictures? It's boring having to tick a box each time

I will think about the consequences if we leave it out. Thanks.

Hauptsuchwrter (max. 8 )
I put most important words first already in IPTC - why not copying first eight words automatically?

We got a cool new function. Check all images, then go to the right orange box and choose "Copy main keywords". This function copies the first eight keywords of each image into the box "main keywords". The reason why it is not done automatically is, that not all photographers keyword the images by priority.

Nachricht an die Bildredaktion
If I send a picture of a building and I don't attach a model release, then it's obvious that I am convinced that I don't need it: why having to type "Property-Release-Vertrag nicht notwendig, da Motiv von ffentlichen Platz aus fotografiert wurde" or similar each time? Ok, the German Panoramafreiheit is great but there's no need to state it over and over Smiley

Leave it blank like 99,9% of all photographers...

I barely do illustrations. 99.9% of my pictures are photos, while others mainly do illustrations. Why can't I set it as default?

You are right. I will talk to our IT.

Freigestelltes Objekt
Can't you try to find yourself automatically if there's a lot of RGB(255,255,255) pixels on margins?

No, I get your point, but that does not work for most images. We have a search filter "copy space" that uses this function, but isolated images are different than images with a large copy space. And the only person to tell the difference is the photographer himself.

I recommend you either on login check the box "stay logged in" or go to your "settings" an choose "Permanent login via longterm cookies". That lets you stay logged in.


You are right with the waiting time for the subpages. I will talk to our IT how we can handle that.

Re the revenue overview. Please see my screenshot of our overview and my explanation:

Every image download (via credits, purchase on invoice, distribution partners, special licenses) is displayed one by one including all customer info (name, credits, price, share, etc.). ONLY the subscritpion downloads and affiliate downloads are summed up in a monthly total (without the details -> these can be seen in the respective submenu). Isn't it what you wanted to see?

Best regards,


« Reply #153 on: February 23, 2011, 14:15 »

I think all the extra clicking we now have to do to reach the menus is just as important. Is there a reason you decided to hide it up in the corner, rather than using the hover-over drop downs as before?

And thanks for the followup on the rest, its nice to see a responsive agency. Regarding subscriptions, I wouldn't mind seeing those images in one place too...primarily because that seems to be what I mostly get. Its like a 30/1 ratio for me, I don't know about everyone else though.
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« Reply #154 on: February 23, 2011, 14:21 »
Hi all,
thanks for the feedback on the system. Let me try to answer one after another. Robert

Thanks for your detailed answers.
I understand your points, except one: If I leave the notes to the editors blank, they usually reject my architectural pictures, especially modern architecture. So I must fill that field currently.

« Reply #155 on: March 27, 2011, 13:47 »
So, I read through a bunch of the reviews about new uploads and people making sales and moving up a tier and thought I should get on at this site. So I rushed over to it and filled in all of my stuff for registration and got the email to make it good and all of that but now every time time I click on a page it sends me to a page that says I must pay 35 cents to use paypal as a payment. This is very strange as i have never had to pay anyone else to sell photos. Is this normal?

« Reply #156 on: March 27, 2011, 14:05 »
It is normal. At PantherMedia. It's because of some paypal account verification.


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