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Panthermedia unveils new leadership team

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This email came in:

Dear xxx,

we are very happy to welcome Tomas Speight into the leadership team at Panther  Media. In his previous roles at The Stock Market Photo Agency, zefa visual media and most recently Masterfile he gained a proven track record of successfully leading stock photography agencies in times of change and growing them globally. Under his leadership Panther Media intends to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with internationally.

Tomas will be responsible for Marketing, Sales and Product-Strategy including managing all artist and supplier relationships, as well as international distributor and reseller relationships. On the content side he will focus on raising quality and profile of the images on offer. In addition to that a multitude of further initiatives aimed at strengthening our growth are currently under way.

As Co-CEO I am personally looking forward to working together with Tomas. In recent years we invested a lot of effort in technology. Now the time is right to raise our sales potential to a new and international level. Many exciting projects are in the pipeline for you as our artist and for our customers. Letís get started on this all together.

Best regards,

Robert Walters

Just wrote them. We NEED a New vision for the industry, and quality control and a straight 50% commission out of the box. PERIOD. No thanks on 30% non exclusive.

You can see their new leadership's ideas here

The goal is to increase contributors' royalties by giving customers the images for free. How is that going to work?

So it sounds like we will get 30-50% of the cut that goes to Panthermedia for each ad click.  They don't say what Panthermedia gets but I assume it is 30%?  So we would get 50% of a 30% cut of a penny per click?  I have no idea how much they get per click but assume it is very small - does anybody know?  Sounds like another good deal for an agency but probably not so much for contributors.

I haven't been able to log in to my Panthermedia account for several months and earned relatively little there anyway - stopped uploading years ago - so this doesn't really affect me.  I'll start uploading again if this leads to decent money but won't be holding my breath.

Think I will upload a few to see what happens they do seem to be trying to resurrect the site. Seems to me it was always a site that talked big and delivered not a great start "estimated time until your submitted images are reviewed: ca. 55 days"


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