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What´s your expirience on Panthermedia???

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Ana, did you read other threads about PM on this forum? I hope you know what you are coming into...

yes Ariene, i read them but are old threads, this is why i don't uploade before on Panthermedia, but i read some good reviews about them too... i'm a little confuse, this is why i post my question here! :-\

PantherMedia hardly sells, clumsy interface. Not worth the effort.

Ana, it's not my case to care about what you do with you time, but I would honestly suggest the time given for upload you better spend on making new work and upload to agencies that really can sell. Don't waste your time on so very low earners (subs for 0,23, occasionally sales? phhhi!), where you can NOT opt out of partner sales, using site is very time consuming, not everything works as should, etc, etc... In my opinion PM has it's best days behind, long time ago.

Why don't you focus on some good sellers and try support sites with fair share (at least 40-50%).
Uploading 1000s files to agency that maybe will sell few files (in subs!) monthly is very naive and poor in my opinion.

Good point Ariene!


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