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Whatīs your expirience on Panthermedia???

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Hi all! i like to know if Panthermedia is a good site to sell illustrations and photos?
worth the effort to upload all the portfolio? they sell vectors? i donīt see the vector opcion in the prices!

thanks for the help!!!!

No Free Lunch:
You're better off selling pop corn on the street than uploading images on Panthermedia  :-[

Sales volume was always low, but there used to be sales for good money. These sales disappeared for all practical reasons to be replaced by subscription sales of EUR 0.23. On top of that they deduct 15% from your payment due to some obscure German legislation.  At the current exchange rate this effectively renders subscription sales of US $ 0.21. Avoid them - not worth the effort.

But panthermedia offers an opt out function for subsription sales. Panther bought two other german agencies last year (Digitalstock and Cover Pictures), so may be they will be stronger on the german and european market in future.

Beppe Grillo:
A lot of dark spots…


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