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Where can I see my balance????


I can see payments - which are the same as transfers (what?????). But nowhere can I see how much money there actually is on the card.
Even downloading the pdf there isn't this info....
I guess I'm overlooking something really basic, but this morning it is completely outwitting me!
Please can anybody point me in the right direction?

Added - in case it is useful for anybody else: when you set up a transfer from, say, IS to your bank via Payoneer, it sets up a NEW Payoneer account in addition to any pre existing one.

Here is information from Payoneer FAQ page:

"You can view your account balance by logging in to your Payoneer online account. In the top part of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu with cards and/or currency balances on your account. Select the relevant card/ currency balance and the balance will be displayed underneath.

For more details, you can also view your transaction list and payment history under the Activity tab."


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