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Help with rejection at DT and StockXpert

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Hmm, apparently I'm the first one to post here.

I had this one rejected at DT for "Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure."  StockXpert also rejected it as "Photo too dark".

Well, it's recycled paper, so it's a bit dark indeed.  I had already increased contrast to show fibers better (you can see them even in this thumbnail).  Any thoughts?


hmmm well it is tough when photographing dark things, and it is also hard to see fromt he thumbnail, but I might agree.

You could try bringing up the lightness a bit.. perhaps maybe put the majority of the info in the top 3/4 of the histogram (if that mean anything to you)  also, I don't think it would hurt to spread out the info even more (increase contrast) as well

Could you perhaps upload a 100% crop?

StockXpert reviewers seem to have a bulk reject option as well, just had a batch 22 backgrounds rejected (well 2 were accepted) for being too dark. (I'm sure I will be eating my words in a few days when everyone else rejects them for the same reason)

have you tried putting the recycled papaer on your scanner just to see how the lighting is?

I tend to give up when they say poor lighting etc because every other agency for me accepts it and then its poor lighting or incorrect exposure for them. Unfortunately thats the way the ball bounces :( 

Not sure how to help although I'd love to know what to do to avoid that stupid generic rejection


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