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I do illustrations like this. What shall I improve?
I have pretty much next to nothing in sales, very depressing. Either I improve or I stop. But I already have developed a lot since the first drawings I made, so maybe I can improve a little bit more.
And of course I have to figure what will a buyer need? Any tip will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Drawing classes would help you to create more exciting and realistic shading, which would make for more appealing images. 

Yes of course. But I am very unsecure how realistic shadow would fit into this style. I will take your advice and see what I can do. Obviously I can improve this even if I want to keep the style.  I have another one under work, lets see what I can do if I assume your advice.
Thank you Hannafate

You can also try this exercise for your self.
Design an illustration in the style of one of the greats like a classical artist or other. Or what even based on one of your favorite illustrations or illustrators. Then pick a theme and mix them together such as an apple theme and I don't know Leonardo Da Vinci or some illustrator your choose. Then get creative and that's another way you can learn about other styles and take what your like and even add it to your own style.  Can even be from comics, animation and more. Its up to you.
Its one of the exercises that was taught to me years ago when I took graphic design classes.  :)
Remember practice first and then find your self.  ;D :)

That was a really good advice. And a fun one to. I love it.


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