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iStock Exclusivity vs. Agencies which may be a better match

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Sean Locke Photography:

--- Quote from: jjpd747 on May 06, 2019, 13:11 ---I would just love to do something else with my wildlife pics than to have them languish (haha) on my hard drives,
--- End quote ---

You can check around on the various sites, but you'll find that "wildlife" is an oversaturated theme, since many, many hobbyists like to photograph nature.  Best to concentrate on more saleable work if you want to get into the game.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply, and yes, acknowledge that the internet has a glut of wildlife, and will explore more before I spend more time uploading a ton of stuff.


iS would have been a good site for you back in the day, but now ...  :(

If you can keep up a good supply of wildlife, particularly the more unusual species, why not try to get into one of the specialist wildlife agencies? But the best ones (i.e. I see them reguarly used here, youre location will have different publications, so do your own research) require a regular supply, you'd probably need to be more or less full time to keep up with their requirements.

You can only do your own trials and find out which site/s work best for you. But even that can change, e.g. with a change of search algorithm.
Like Jo-Ann says, you don't graduate from iS to Getty. Maybe some people do it, but I've only read of people who applied and were told to stick with iS. Maybe if you'd applied to G first? Who knows.

Good luck, love your images.

Hi ShadySue,

Thanks very much for your reply, and just reading a few replies on here, I believe the direction WOULD be specialist wildlife agencies. Also, thank you for the nice comment. I have wildlife from every continent, so most of the work is not uploaded, e.g. mountain gorillas, penguins, lots of wildcats, etc. Glad to hear the iStock comments and opinions before I spend gobs of time on that site.

And I do think that I applied to Getty, not iStock, so, that was that. I mentioned to Jo Ann that a friend had encouraged me to start stock because of all the wildlife and travel I shoot. The friend is with G since they drafted contributors off of Flickr, I believe, and that's years ago. She says she makes about $800 a month on Getty, RM and RF. So, of course, I was encouraged to start, especially since our subject matter and styles are similar.

I will start to do more research, and thanks again for the helpful and informative reply.



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