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Would like feedback on this photo and more

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Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: compasiune11 on February 03, 2019, 11:45 ---Good image. Low color and constrast.

--- End quote ---

Same thing I thought on first view.

Yes eggs are eggs, easy to find, common subject, but I think the OP has a nice composition and a shot that could potentially be more marketable.

In the general sense of Microstock, true, eggs are like sliced tomatoes, or house pets... name some other common things you can find around the house to take photos of.

This shot is outside of the common or ordinary.

It's not only that eggs are common, but why would they be on a cut treetrunk?
Look at what other people have done with eggs, and see if you can think of anything sensible* which hasn't been done before.
*but WDIK? I remember years ago noticing one particular photo coming through on iS and thinking WOE (to be polite), and a couple of months later I actually saw that same pic used on a poster fairly near me - one of the extremely few times I happened to stumble upon someone else's pic 'out in the wild'.
You can never really tell what will sell.  ::)

Sean Locke Photography:

--- Quote from: compasiune11 on February 03, 2019, 11:45 ---Good image. Low color and constrast.

--- End quote ---

You came back 2 1/2 years after your last post to comment on a photo of eggs?  Lol.


--- Quote from: Sammy the Cat on November 16, 2018, 11:19 ---PrincessFerf you need to think outside the box.

Everyone does eggs it'll never sell.

Why not have a hen on her nest with her chicks tucked up?

Or some other aspect of farm life that hasn't been done to death.

Do some research by looking at what photos are already out there?

Talking of which how about a big meat cleaver stuck in the block with a chicken staring at it?

I'm not kidding you never know it might sell

--- End quote ---

I shoot what I like to shoot, I always have. No point doing it otherwise. I did one shoot, because I wanted to, and afterward discovered there are literally thousands of shots identical to what I did. I got dejected and almost trashed the whole bunch. Instead I said [email protected]#k it, I'll upload anyway.

The best selling of that shoot just crossed $500 and the whole set has brought in about $850-$900.

I don't tell people to shoot what they think will sell. You might as well get a job selling paperclips. Shoot what you enjoy. Be creative and do it well but enjoy it.


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